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Welcome to Impress Art Stamping

We provide custom-built components, fabricated to your specifications that are an integral part of your product. As a contract manufacturing partner, we are involved early in the design and development utilizing our precision stamping knowledge to lower manufacturing costs and increase functionality. We welcome the opportunity to show our capabilities in meeting the specific needs of your product.

About Us

Impress Art Stamping is established by Mr.M.S.PRAGASHKUMAR. He is a Mechanical Engineer with wide industrial experience in the sheet metal fabrication, components and assemblies manufacturing. He has the experience in all the functional areas like production, quality, marketing and tool design. He has consulted and successfully assisted hundreds of organisations to achieve certification in Quality Management System

About Impress Art Stamping

The Impress Art Stamping is engaged in the manufacturing of sheet metal pressed components and assemblies for automotive industries, electrical industries home appliances and other industries. In addition to that we are involved in press tool designing and manufacturing

Who we are
To lead and excel in sheet metal industry by delivering quality services in all aspect of business to various sectors and to sustain in global market.
* To be market-focused, process-centered organization
* To efficiently deliver the quality sheet metal press components.
* To maintain excellence, respect, and integrity in all aspects of our operations
* To create beneficial business for our employees, customers, vendors, and suppliers.
* To give full recognition to employees and Representatives, on whose contributions IAS depends.
* Facility for any kind of sheet metal components, fabrication and assemblies
* Experienced, qualified management and team members
* Press tool designing and manufacturing facility
* Designing and manufacturing of gauges, jigs and fixtures
* Continual focus on quality and delivery
* Training
ISO 9001:2008 implementation under progress

Our Services

Sheet Metal Components offers state of the art equipment and outstanding quality control and customer service, allowing for the production of a wide range of finely crafted component parts. Using either in-house equipment or outside resources, we are able to meet your component part needs.

We do:

Shearing or strip cutting from sheets
Blanking of desired size
Forming of required shape
Sheet metal assemblies
Press tools type of compound and simple die
Gauges, Jigs and Fixtures
Welding and Surface finish (Outsource)
Machined components

Our Team

We have experienced and qualified team for

Production and planning
Human Resource

Our Gallery



Contact Us

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